What is the mission of the fund?
Spearheaded by Hope’s family and friends, the Hope Reichbach Fund will provide vital learning experiences and career development for students, inviting them into a network centered around Hope Reichbach’s memory and values of active leadership and communal responsibility.

The Hope Reichbach Fund aims to provide scholarships for students who take internships in civic leadership and community organizing. We will continue Hope’s legacy of progressive values and passion for Brooklyn in the following ways:

Provide stipends to dedicated college students who embody the values Hope stood for
Facilitate internships with Brooklyn organizations involved in local issues and activism
Provide mentorship and a network of contacts to our students; enhancing their career development
Create a new generation of leaders in Brooklyn

Why is the fund needed?
In the current professional landscape, internship experience is crucial. Though many of these opportunities are unpaid, future employers expect candidates to have devoted summers and breaks to garnering intern experience, thus creating a gap between those who can afford to do so, and those who cannot. The fund provides a liveable wage to students who wish to partake in unpaid summer internships involved in community organizing and grassroots activism, and simultaneously provides stimulating mentorship and networking opportunities for the interns throughout the summer.

How can I apply, get involved, and/or find out more information?
All application materials and contact information can be found at http://www.hopeforbrooklyn.com

What is the Application and Fellowship Timeline?

2018 Application Period and Fellowship Timeline:

November 2017: Launch 2018 Summer Fellowship Application
February 18th, 2018: Application Deadline at 11:59pm
Late March 2018: Interviews
April 2018: Final Notices
June 3rd, 2018: Fellowship Orientation
June 4th, 2018: First day of 10 week-long Internship
June 4th-August 11th: 5 Friday morning breakfasts hosted at each internship site TBD
August 10th, 2018: Last day of Internship
August 12th, 2018: Culminating Ceremony

Who may apply for the stipend?
Any New York City residents in their freshman, sophomore or junior years of college may apply.

How much is the stipend?
Each student will receive $420 per week of full time work. Internships must run between 9-11 weeks long. approximately $4200 for the length of their summer internship.

So will The Hope Fund find me an internship?
Though the members of the Hope Reichbach Fund have diverse interests and connections, we cannot say with certainty that we can offer you internships. Students who apply for the fund do so with the understanding that their acceptance to the program is based on the assumption that they will secure an internship before the summer begins. Students may apply without an internship set up, and we will do our best to make introductions and suggestions to secure an internship.

What schools are you reaching out to?
Given the nature of the fund, we are reaching out to nearly 100 institutions within the tri-state area. We are focusing particularly on local city schools, but reaching out to many colleges and universities with a sizeable population of students from New York City.