About The Fund

In today’s job market many recent graduates who are new to the workforce quickly realize they have to rely on past internships to stand out among other qualified applicants. At these internships, undergraduates not only learn valuable work ethic and skills, but they begin to create a network of professional contacts.

Unfortunately, many of these internships are unpaid. This means that students with economic hardship face a more difficult decision: do they take an unpaid internship that will provide them with real-world experience while risking to increase their financial burden? Or do they simply work at any paying summer job that may not be as rewarding or even in their professional field of interest? We at the Hope Reichbach Fund believe this is not a decision qualified and talented undergraduates should have to make. This kind of situation limits the diverse pool of applicants at organizations, and social change never came out of maintaining the status quo.

The Hope Reichbach Fund Fellowship was created to respond to this crucial need. Made in the memory of our dear friend, the Hope Fund connects five college undergraduates with five non-profits and provides each Fellow with a $4,000 stipend for a 10-week long Summer internship.

The goal of the Hope Fund is to commemorate Hope’s legacy and continue to foster a network centered around Hope’s values of active leadership and communal responsibility.